Costa Rica-Colombia

Costa Rica has been in many ways fun and interesting, but upon finding out that my mother would like me home for Thanksgiving (I initally planned to be gone through December) I’ve decided that I don’t have the time to see the whole country. My interest really lies down on the South American continent. I’ve decided to go to Panama City tomorrow to find a boat to take me to Cartagena, and from there move to Bogota to hopefully spend a month, taking language classes and seeing what life’s like in a country with a reputation ranging from sinister to culturally magnificent. It’ll be nice to try and settle down a bit somewhere and thoroughly explore an area, rather than getting a glimpse of a tourist town and moving along.. 


Someone I met this morning inspired me to start thinking about something I had fancied during my senior year of High School-becoming a wilderness firefighter. Now wouldn’t that be something?


Well I wrote this first post last night (while distracted and tipsy) but got annoyed with some structural and grammatical errors and ended up deleting it when I couldn’t figure out how to edit it. More problems with the site and my posting ability-I wanted to post a picture of my location last night (which would show more than any 1000 words) but I can’t seem to get that figured out either. Tranquilo, I’ll figure it out one day or stop caring.

So I’m currently traveling in Costa Rica and now blogging about it, which I suppose might make this a travel blog. I have this strange urge to share my travel experiences with some people who don’t have the good fortune to be traveling, but I’m loathe to show my journal and being thousands of miles away from the respective people I would consider showing it to, well that doesn’t leave many options except a blog. Content and reason, what more do you need? Earthquakes are cool. More later.